• One of the greatest things about joining Sigma Alpha is the close bonds that you will form with your sisters. These bonds are built to last forever. Together, we help eachother grow in more ways than one. No one understands the bonds that form between sorority sisters, but it doesn't matter because you and your sisters are the only ones that need to understand them. 

  • "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."

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  • Sigma Alpha puts on numerous sister events throughout the school year. We have socials, formals, sisterhood retreats, and many other events. One of the best events all year is Big-Little. It is during this time that active sisters fall in love with a membership candidate (one that has receieved a bid from Sigma Alpha but is not an official sister yet) and shower them with gifts and love. A big does not tell her little who she is until the Big Little reveal. The bond that a big and little have is indescribable and is one of the most amazing things of our sisterhood. 







    Because we are a professional sorority, we have many events that instill the importance of professionalism in our sisters. Together we help eachother grow professionally and learn how to be successful women with bright futures. This is one of the greatest things sisters take away from Sigma Alpha.